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Hidden Songs !

November 4th, 2009


Javier has decided to post to tumblr “hidden songs”. Let’s read what he says about it : 

i’ve decided to start airing my dirty laundry. and by that, i mean old songs and ideas that have lived on my computer for years, slowly dying a silent death. that seemed senseless, so i’m trying an experiment…
i’ll post songs and other various audio droppings on my tumblr page. the songs that get streamed the most (i’
ll set goals) will become available for free download later. and i’ll try to add them fairly frequently, since i’ve got them all already sitting around.
this might be a horrible idea. i might get embarrassed and quit the whole thing. but i thought if i were a fan of someone, i’d like to hear the stuff they make and tuck away. so – this is for you guys. you fans. you freaky, freaky fans. just kidding. i love ya.
this is my ear.

So check out his tumblr : CLICK HERE.

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